United Right Alliance to fight against combining elections

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United Right Alliance to fight against combining elections

Save Romania Union (USR) national leader Catalin Drula, one of the leaders of the United Right Alliance, said on Thursday, about combining the elections, that the alliance will „fight with all means” to stop such an alternative, told Agerpres.

Drula appeared in a show on TVR Info on current political affairs together with the other two leaders of the United Right Alliance, Ludovic Orban, national leader of the Right Force, and Eugen Tomac, national leader of the People’s Movement Party (PMP).

„We are talking about this combination that is unconstitutional, undemocratic. A maneuver they want to do four-five months before the elections. Utter defiance. Obviously, we will fight with all the means we have at our disposal: challenge it with the Constitutional Court , we will sue in court if a government decision is issued, we will oppose it, we have notified the Venice Commission. We are not going to let them do all these things; we are fighting on all fronts. We have also notified the European Commission, because it is still unthinkable to build the electoral process artificially and illegally just because you are afraid,” said Drula.

About the National Liberal Party (PNL) national leader Nicolae Ciuca considering combining the elections, Drula said that the combination option „is a dishonour to a soldier.”

„I also made a personal call – I happened to have been a colleague in the government with Mr Ciuca as well, I know him. I had respect, at least for his previous military career. It is a dishonour and a stain on a military career to be afraid to go honestly before the voters. Leave the elections in their place, because after that we wonder why extremism is increasing and why people are losing faith in democracy,” he said.

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